Beginning With A Blank Page

Each year, Rooftop students determine the direction of study based on personal passions, sparked interests and synchronicity. The Archive/Opera Portfolio page is created to document and share these very special projects.

2017 Projects @ The Studio

The Rooftop Artchives by ArtsEd4All

  • “Sansei Girl,” an audio storybook by and for the Rooftop Community
  • “Read the Constitution,” a banner for the Internet Archive

The Twin Peaks Archive by 8th grade students.

  • “Open The Door: The Rooftop Raven Mural” Design concept by 8-2 students – Jude, Lua, Stella, Jasper, Max, Alissa, Xaviera and Camilla – working with Jane Kim of Ink Dwell, with additional support from 8th & 5th grade.
  • The Mayeda Campus Rooftop Garden, established by 8th graders working at The Studio @ Mayeda.
  • The Alice Eastwood Archive by Kai

Fun & Games Archive by 6th, 7th & 8th graders

  • #TakeTenOutdoors A student film campaign for the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights by students from 8-1 – Ben, Braeden, Caitlin, Emi, Justin, Kate, Kyle, Tristan, with screening at SFMOMA for the SFUSD Arts Festival.

The Daily Planet Archive

  • The Shack Cast – A Podcast Series by Emmy, Samuel & Connor
  • #RooftopWizdom by Derek

The Hamilton Archive by students in 7A & 7B

  • Articles & Amendments, a flag sewn by 7th graders working with Judy Toupin
  • The March for Science Parade at the SF Middle School Maker Fair
  • The Infinity Poem