Rooftop Spirit

For some children, their introduction to school when entering Kindergarten may be their first real experience of being a part of a larger community. You may find your child discussing “Rooftop Spirit” throughout the school year. This concept of school “spirit” is very important to our students, and the qualities that define this mindset help to make Rooftop a very special community. Sharing, caring, kindness, helping your fellow students, respect of individual differences, and responsibility for one’s own behavior and actions — these are qualities that each Rooftop student strives to uphold.

— description from Rooftop’s 2004 School Fair Handout


ROOFTOP IN PERFORMANCE (1997) You can learn a lot about Rooftop Spirit by listening to this recording issued in celebration of the 1997 dedication of the Mayeda Campus. This album of songs, sung by the students of Rooftop Alternative K-8 School for Rooftop in Performance (RIP), was recorded at Music Annex (now Polarity Post Production) studio in SF. 

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